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Samantha's Tuesday Reviews - Milly Taiden's PDA series ( books 7-9 + Scrooge Me Hard with Reviews )

'I borrowed this book through the Kindle Unlimited Library'
Geri Wilder is at it again.
Lucky Charlotte. The sneaky little matchmaker doesn't only find her one mate. She finds her two. They are totally different but they both know one thing as soon as they meet her. She is theirs now they just have to convince her.
I loved it. Two sexy Alpha shifters and a woman who after dealing with a lot of jerks on earth finds it hard to believe that not only one but two sexy shifters can want her. It's a yummy read with a HEA. I would definitely recommend reading.



'I borrowed this book through the Kindle Unlimited Library'
This was yet another amazing book in one of my favorite series. A spunky human woman on a different planet visiting her sister hoping to find love herself. A broody Dragon who can't see a good thing when it's right in front of his face and a feisty match making wolf who won't let these idiot males hurt the women she brings into their lives. Milly always brings us a great story with amazing characters and this book was no different. From start to finish I couldn't put it down. I read it in one sitting. I highly recommend reading.  


'I borrowed this book as part of the Kindle Unlimited Library'
Even though this book deals with shifters on another planet this time the shifter in question comes to earth. Once Alivia agree's to go to Karel's world with him she quickly realizes that things are not as they seem. With Alivia trying to figure out what is really going on she quickly finds herself in danger along with a friend she meets along the way. I loved this book in a different way than the others in the series. It still had the sexy in it that you know and love with Milly but I love the fact that a lot of the book had to do with Karel's mom. It showed a great family dynamic which I love. This is part of a series and even though it could technically be read as a stand alone it is better if read in order at least from book 6 on so that you understand some parts better.
I definitely recommend reading!



'I borrowed this book as part of the kindle unlimited library'
This book was different  then the others in the series in that the couple already know each other and are already mated. This book had a different dynamic than the rest in the series and might be one of my favorites. It really is hard to choose a favorite in this series though since every book is amazing. This book cannot be read as a stand alone as there are a lot of characters from past books in the series so it does need to be read after the rest of the books in the series. There are so many things to love about this book including the scheming of past couples trying to bring two new friends back together.
I highly recommend reading although again this book cannot be read as a stand alone this one must be read after the others.




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 New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Milly Taiden (AKA April Angel) loves to write sexy stories. How sexy? So sexy they will surely make your ereader sizzle. Usually paranormal or contemporary, her stories are a great quick way to satisfy your craving for fun heroines with curves and sexy alphas with fur.

 Milly lives in New York City with her hubby, the boy child and their little dog "Needy Speedy". Don't ask. She's aware she's bossy, is addicted to shoe shopping, chocolate (but who isn't, right?) and Dunkin' Donuts coffee.

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