Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Desecrating Solomon II
By Lucian Bane
Releases In 3 Days
Snippet #3
Solomon groped for her in the darkness and latched on to her shaking body.
“Okay, okay,” he whispered, holding her tight. How could she be so good? So beautiful? Her entire life she suffered unspeakable pain, all to help others. All for others. And now, it was his suffering that she couldn’t take and was willing to take for him. Always the giver.
He stroked her back, refusing to think of the atrocities she’d endured in the name of doing what was right. To help. “I love you, Beautiful, do you know that? I’ve waited all my life for you,” he said, swallowing down emotion. He remembered a time not that long ago when he’d have felt guilty for saying that, but he knew his fiancĂ©, wherever she was, alive or dead, would understand.
He tilted her face to his in the dark and kissed her softly. She was the one. She was the one he was destined to be with, he felt it so hard and hot inside him and in that second. Even if it was only for a week. He prayed it was for a hundred years but at this point, he wasn’t sure of the future. He was only sure of the moment.
A sudden urgency to learn as much as he could as quickly as he could. Then it hit him a second after. It dawned on him in quick succession, like a picture book flipping in his mind. How he met Chaos. How Master strategically put her in his life. How he trained her to never have pleasure, never have love…. Oh fuck. Solomon gasped and held her tighter. That bastard intended this. He’d intended this very thing, her falling in love and having to suffer losing him.
But why? Why was the master such a sick bastard? Why did he hate her so much to do this?
“Can you do one thing for me, Beautiful?” He kissed her forehead over and over. “Can you tell me some things so I understand? So I know how to fix all this?”
“You can’t fix it,” she said in a small defeated voice.
“I can.” He made his voice firm as he petted the hair next to her face. “I can, that’s why I’m here, remember? It’s so important that you remember that. Listen to me,” he said louder, barely shaking her. “Now is not the time to give up, do you hear me? How long have you trained for this?”
“Since… I was six.” The words were calm but came between random hitches in her breath.
Solomon held her, stroking her back. “That’s a long time. You’re nearly done, you can’t give up right at the end, you can’t.” When she nodded, he continued on, “We just need to understand everything that’s going on and see the best way to handle it. So… I’m going to need you to tell me what you think will happen from this point out, can you do that for me?”
“I don’t want to,” she whispered, her voice thick and scared sounding.
He took hold of her face at hearing the dread and kissed her. Long and softly. “I need you to. I need you. Please. I have to know so we can plan.”
“Plan what?”
“A way to fix this.”
“But it can’t be stopped,” she barely said.
“Not stop it, fix it,” he urged quickly. “I need to stop Master from doing the wrong thing, remember? Remember the curse has a hold of him and it’s trying to make him do the wrong thing? That’s how curses work, they slowly get a hold of people and make them think you’re doing right when really, you’re not. How long has Master been planning to break the curse?”
“A… a long time,” she said, back to half sobbing into his chest.
“Right. A very long time, plenty of time for the curse to take him, see? That’s what curses do, Chaos, they do what it takes to prevent from being broken and Master is only human, it’s not his fault. It’s not.” He grit his teeth at the gross lie. “But you, you’re special, remember? You have gifts, just like me, and they tell you when something is wrong. I just need you to think back for me.” Solomon knew it was only a wager but he was willing to bet all on this one thing. “Think back to the very first thing that happened that made you feel wrong in here.” Solomon touched her chest over her heart.
“The bad questions?” she asked, sounding worried and guilty.
Solomon angled his head in the dark, his heart racing with hope. “Is that what Master called them?”
“Yes,” she whispered. “I had questions, always.”
Solomon gasped in relief. “See? Your gifts were trying to help you stop the curse from hurting Master!” he said, excited. “When? When did they start, what kind of questions were they?”
“Master said they were bad,” she said in hushed tones like he might hear her. “That… the bad spirits were making me think about those things to stop him from lifting the curse and that I must never entertain the bad questions.”
“Oh my God,” Solomon whispered.
“What?” she quickly asked, scared.
“I was right. The curse got Master from early on. But that explains why he’s so blind, he’s had so many years under its spell.”
Solomon waited in the sudden silence, praying and holding his breath that she’d bite.
“Oh my God,” she whispered, pushing away from him. “Oh my God, oh my God.” She paced nearby, sounding more scared and guilty than ever, like everything was her fault, always would be. “I-I-I don’t understand, the queen—“
“The queen,” he gasped, grabbing at the sudden angle. “Tell me about the queen, Chaos. Let’s start there. Who is the queen? Where is she?”
“I-I don’t know who… I mean I wasn’t allowed to ask. She lives with Master, in his most private chamber.”
His most private chamber? Sick bastard thought he was God. Most private chamber, holy of holies. “What… does the queen look like?”
Solomon held his breath before she finally whispered, “She’s very beautiful. But… I wasn’t ever allowed to look upon her, I wasn’t clean enough,” she gasped, as though realizing things. Hopefully realizing the deception.
“How do you know she’s beautiful?”
To be continued tomorrow……… 
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