Our Ratings

We absolutely Loved it, thought it had a great story line, was very well edited and had great characters that we can connect with. We give it very high recommendations. Definitely a book that we would read again.
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We loved it. Loved the Story line, it was well edited and had great characters and we would highly recommend reading. Not sure if we would want to read it again though.
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We thought it was a great book, but it had some issues. Whether it be poor editing, no connection to the characters or we just feel that something is lacking. But as we highly enjoyed it we would still recommend it.
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We enjoyed the book but it was lacking something. It might have had very poor editing. It might have had a name change. So we couldn't quite give it 4 Hearts.
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We liked the book. We didn't love it but we will still recommend it as it was still a good read.  

We will not give a rating of less then 3 Hearts. If we can not give a book at least 3 Hearts we will message the Author and let them know. We will not recommend it. We will not rate it or review it. This includes books that we could not finish. This has not happened to us very often but it does happen.

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