Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sweet Temptations: The Babysitter by Dark Inferno with Review by Patricia

Meet Richard Martin. He's well mannered,married to his beautiful university sweetheart, works in a job he can't stand with people who mostly drive him nuts, and so sexually frustrated he's about ready to blow like Mount Vesuvius.

Enter Rebecca, Scarlet and Samantha, three sirens sent by god to plague and tempt him. Will he be able to do what's right and resist their advances, or will these temptresses lure him to the rocks?

In this first volume in Dark Inferno's sizzling new series: Sweet Temptations, A naughty babysitter sets out to seduce her man. No matter what his wife might think, she is determined to lure him into her bed...

***This story contains descriptions of sexual content, for 18+ Adults only***

 Lets see what can I say about this book. It was a very fast read for me . It took me an hour to read it. I have to say for it being in my opinion a novella it was well written and the characters were outstanding . From Robert who hated the office party and wants to get laid so badly he is about to blow. To his frigid wife. Then there is the babysitter . I know most men have a fantasy about taking the babysitter to bed. Well she puts the moves on him, He dives right on in so to speak. To be honest this is about a man's fantasy come alive.
   With everything that was good about the book there were just a couple of things that bothered me . Maybe it was the cheating aspect. But I got over it really fast I was reading. There were also a few phases that just kind a mad me laugh out loud . Other then those little things. This is a hot read. So if you want to read a short erotic read , Check out THE BABYSITTER .
I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars

Darkinferno was born and raised in England, first in the town of Bridgewater, Somerset, before later moving to the city of Gloucester. A fully qualified and experienced Skier and Scuba Diver, he has travelled across Europe and Africa diving wrecks and seeing the wonders of our planet. His favourite book is Game of Thrones by George Martin.

Having always loved to write, he published his first piece of work when he was just 14, a DragonBall Z fan fiction on the website Fanfiction.Net, and has continued to publish works ever since. Now with more than thirty pieces published across the internet and a fan base spanning the globe, he is moving into the realm of Self-Publishing.


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