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Run Away Charlotte by HM Shander with Review by Samantha

Trusting and depending on others has never suited nineteen-year-old Charlotte Cooper, who believes she’s unworthy of a happily ever after. She’s fiercely loyal to one - her BFF Joe. Afterall, Joe’s the only one who knows everything about Charlotte and he’s sworn to protect her heart, and her deep dark secrets. Until Andrew Wagner walks into her life. Despite his attempts to court Charlotte, she pushes him away, believing he can’t handle her past shadows. After a horrible accident, she slowly learns to trust and depend on him. As she shares her darkest secrets, he falls in love with her. Several incidents thrust the young lovers together, and Charlotte falls hard, giving her whole being to Andrew. While trying to be everything he can for Charlotte, he struggles to find the balance between family, school, love and commitment. However, their different definitions of love and what it means to love unconditionally come to a head after Andrew spends a summer abroad and Charlotte crosses a line. His reaction sends a devastated Charlotte into the arms of Jack, an older man who can successfully balance what Andrew failed to do. He puts Charlotte first, treating her like a princess while capitalizing on her vulnerability. He gives her everything her heart desires… except Andrew. When it comes to matters of the heart and mind, which direction do you follow? Love or Logic?

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review'
Charlotte had one heck of a life. There are only a few people who know her whole story. Her best friend Joe being one of them. She does not open up to anyone. She does not look for her happy ending because she doesn't feel that there is one for her. Then she gets a new job and meets Andrew. They become friends and she knows he wants more but she does not want to lose that friendship. Even being friends she still keeps her secrets from him. She doesn't want him tainted by her past and walking away from her. Until Something happens and he doesn't let up until she finally tells him. Their relationship goes to a whole new level after that until life gets in the way.
Andrew was drawn to Charlotte from the beginning and no matter how much he tried to get her to take their relationship past friendship she wouldn't. He had to sit back as her friend and watch her go out with other guys and watch the aftermath of a horrible act against her. When he finally got her to break down her walls and let him in he was over the moon. But he was in school and school work was demanding which took a lot of his time. One summer he commits an almost unforgiveable act in Charlottes eyes. When he can't give her an answer to an important question she turns to Jack. An older man who gives her the time and attention that Andrew could not.
This was an Amazing book. I gave it 4 Hearts instead of the 5+ that I really wanted to give it due to an editing issue that I could not overlook. With that aside. This book was very emotional, riveting and pretty amazing. The author took some of the most horrible situation that could happen to a young child and a woman and showed the true strength and courage that a survivor of such horrendous acts can be. I was brought to tears a few times through this book. My heart ached for the awful things that the character had gone through. I have three daughters and as I read this I had the thought that it would kill me if my children ever suffered anywhere near the pain and suffering that this character did. But I would hope that if myself or my children ever went through some of the situations that this character did that we would have half of the strength that she did. The end definitely left me wanting more and I can't wait for the next book! This book has situations involving Child Abuse and Rape and if you cannot read books with those situations then this is not the book for you. However if you can read books with those situations and look past the awful horrendous acts to look at the whole picture then I definitely recommend reading this.
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