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Hear No Evil and See No Evil by J.R. Rain and A.K. Alexander with Review by Samantha

Hear No Evil ( PSI Trilogy Book # 1 )
by: J.R. Rain and A.K. Alexander

Audial telepath Kylie Cain works for a black ops branch of the CIA (PSI: Psychic Sensory Intelligence). Now tasked with the biggest challenge of her life when a faction of rogue operatives who call themselves WON (World Order Now) kidnap eleven-year-old Hope Mitchell, a powerful girl who may be the link to other worlds, Kylie feels immediately drawn to the girl's energy, and vows to save her.

Kylie's elite team of psychic spies soon discover that not only is Hope Mitchell an audial telepath, too, but the girl has another special gift - a gift that could change the courses of the past, present and future. A gift that could open up worlds...and destroy them.

Kylie is part of a special team in the CIA called PSI - Psychic Sensory Intelligence... It is for people with special gifts. Kylie is an Audial which means she can hear conversations from thousands of miles away. They are sent on a mission to find a child who is also an Audial. Hope. Well when Kylie, Noah and Ayden find hope they learn secrets that their boss would rather stay hidden. They learn that Hope is being held captive by the very same woman who had kidnapped Kylie when she was a child.

I loved this! I love any book that has a paranormal aspect in it. I have loved everything that I have read by both J.R. Rain and A.K. Alexander and this book was no different. In my opinion this was a thrilling book filled with deceit, a bit of romance and danger at every turn. I definitely recommend reading.
See No Evil ( PSI Trilogy Book # 2 )
by: J.R. Rain and A.K. Alexander

The second novel in the exciting PSI Trilogy by #1 bestselling authors, A.K. Alexander and J.R. Rain! Supernatural psychic spy thrillers with a sexy twist.

In SEE NO EVIL, the thrilling adventure continues with Kylie Cain, a beautiful and deadly audial telepath who can hear conversations from miles away, and works for a black ops branch of the CIA (PSI: Psychic Sensory Intelligence). After rescuing Hope, Kylie flees from WON (World Order Now), a rogue operative faction. When things go south at PSI, Kylie and Hope run for their lives with PSI teammates Noah, who can read the past, and Ayden, who can see the immediate future.

A shadow of a man from Kylie’s past gets tangled up with WON, and his life is at stake if he doesn’t reveal Hope’s location. Meanwhile, Hope says she must go to Israel to retrieve a document of critical importance to history—before the villains do. Now, she must risk her life to open another world to find it. Danger and double crosses lurk at every turn and an unexpected betrayal shakes Kylie’s trust and threatens the very foundation of the team.

Threats to their lives keep on coming, and time is running out to retrieve the document—Kylie and her team must fight to keep Hope safe, at all costs. The future of the world depends on it…

SEE NO EVIL is a fast-paced, high-action international adventure thriller. It is the second book in the PSI trilogy.

'I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review'

This race is on for Kylie, Hope, Noah and Ayden to find the scrolls and stop them from going into the wrong hands. Kylie will need to get the aid of someone no one would ever expect. Hope will have to go back in time then she ever has before, and a ghost from Kylie's past comes back into the picture trying to stay in the background and secretly keep kylie and the team safe.

This a great instalment in this series. Full of action from beginning to end. They always have an aspect of danger following them. Noah finds out more of the things that his wife had done to him. Kylie and Ayden explore the growing feelings between them a bit more. But there are more surprises in store for the team. Hope runs into big trouble while separated from the team in search of the scrolls and the last person the team ever expects to come to their aid does. I highly recommend reading! This book cannot be read as a stand alone though so you will need to read book 1 first.


J.R. Rain
J.R. Rain is an ex-private investigator who now writes full-time in the Pacific Northwest. He lives in a small house on a small island with his small dog, Sadie. J.R. has sold over 2.5 million copies of his ebooks. Please visit him at

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A.K. Alexander

A.K. Alexander writes gritty thrillers that will have you looking over your shoulder. Alexander's thrillers have appeared on The Wall Street Journal's bestseller list and Amazon's Kindle Bestseller list.

When not writing thrillers as A.K. Alexander, the author also writes lighter mysteries and contemporary fiction as Michele Scott.

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