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Dragon Heart by Susan Arden with Review by Samantha

TitleDragon Heart (Rocky Mountain Shifters)
Author:  Susan Arden
Genre:  Paranormal Romance 18+
Publication Date:  November 10, 2014
Publisher:  Crimson Romance
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Leopardess Shay Barclay has a choice: go along with her family’s political plan to marry her to a ruthless shifter older than her grandfather or claim her life and her sexuality for her own.  She wastes no time in choosing freedom, but in her haste to establish her own boundaries, she just may have trusted her heart to the wrong man – a dragon shifter who’s too dangerous to resist…
Former Navy SEAL Drake O’Connor personally guaranteed he’d protect his buddy’s daughter to the death. But when his explosive chemistry with Shay finally boils over and they end up in bed, her family’s political enemies are the least of their problems.  Because although Shay doesn’t know it, she’s crossed a line with Drake that will alter their future for an eternity…
Shay is a leopardess shifter and her family is trying to marry her off for political reasons. However she flat out refuses to be a pawn and the old guy who wants to marry her expects a virgin. So she decides who better to make that not be an issue anymore then the dragon shifter that is her guard. She has always wanted him even though he stays away from her. She's not asking him for forever. Just one night. The old shifter just won't give up though. Even though she goes on the run and in hiding he still hunts for her. She didn't walk away fro her encounter with the Dragon unscathed. She has a constant reminder of what happened. When he comes back into the picture and is determined to be bound and mated to her she has a choice to make. Follow her heart or keep him at a distance.
Drake knows that Shay is  his mate. But he feels that he has nothing to offer her so he stays away from her instead. When she convinces him to have her for just one night he finally gives into the temptation to have what he wants most. But he doesn't want only one night with her. He wants forever, but she disappears. When he finally finds her by her brothers request he finds a huge surprise waiting for him. No matter what she thinks he is not going to let her go. Even if he has to stay in the background he will always protect her.

I have to say that I definitely enjoyed this book. Drake is a yummy Dragon shifter who's mate is a Leopardess shifter of a very prominent family. When the two get together is steaming hot. Literally! This was a well thought up and written book! I enjoyed the authors writing style. She definitely kept me interested in the book! I highly recommend reading!


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