Monday, October 27, 2014

Guarded Hearts by L.A. Corvill

Guarded Hearts
by LA Corvill
Genre: New Adult Romance
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I want nothing but to escape the bitterness and emptiness surrounding me....I'm, Olivia Rey, a product of an unwanted pregnancy and since that day forward my world has not been easy. My mother's anger at not being able to hold on to my 'father' made her lash out all her hatred and venom at me growing up. So, I did the only thing I could to survive, I enclosed my heart until I can be in the light.All I want is to be surrounded in darkness to not feel... I'm, Phoenix Ryan, I have lived a life of privilege with no boundaries making me feel invincible. Then when I was on a high, tragedy came crashing down on me and cast me into a world where I was left numb. So I did the only thing I could to survive I enclosed my heart, so I could walk into the darkness. Will these two guarded hearts eclipse into each other to find love, or will they be forever guarded. pizap.com14135993324871
Olivia was the unwanted daughter of an unplanned pregnancy between a maid and her employer. Her mother made her life hell. So she studied hard so she could get a scholarship to college and get out of there. Her best friend did the same thing although she had a better family life then Olivia. Meeting Phoenix was not in Olivia's plans. But she couldn't resist him. But when she faces the ultimate betrayal she may not be able to find it in her to forgive.   Nix loves his family. But he can never forgive himself for mistakes made in his youth. When he first see's Olivia he is done. He knows that he has to have her. When someone that he trusts betrays him in the ultimate way he may just lose Olivia forever.   pizap.com14106549836531
Such a GREAT book! It is so easy to connect with the characters and feel what they are feeling. I can honestly say that I teared up a couple times while reading this book. Great concept and very well written. I was hooked on this book right from the start and I could not put it down. The author wrote a very emotional story with very strong characters. I definitely recommend reading.
Hi I am the L in this venture short for Leli. I grew up reading there was no other free entertainment out there aside from television so this was my escape through the years living with my own personal heartaches. I start writing as a way to put my thoughts/feelings on paper, instead of keeping them in. Oh and I'm tone deaf so any music I heard was just for dancing never really paid attention to lyrics still don't.. So all the music reference in this book is A.Hi all I'm A (Aimee). I've always had a passion for writing. English was always my favorite subject and I love writing heartfelt passages especially since I've experienced so much in my life. I didn't develop a passion for books until a couple of years ago... Thanks a lot to L. Books have brought me an escape from my stresses in life, when I read it takes me to another world.And I can't wait to bring that when our book project is complete.

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