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Destined To Love ( The Starting Over Trilogy ) by Brenda Kennedy!

  Title : Destined To Love
Author : Brenda Kennedy
Genre : Soft Romance
Release Date : October 15, 2014


Trying to move on and build a life together with Angel, Mason Myles plans a special birthday dinner proposal for Angel Perez, where he learns that Angel is still being tortured by her past. Angel reveals during the proposal that she may be pregnant with her rapist’s baby. Mason is now torn by the fact he wasn’t able to save Angel from her abusive ex; now he may be faced with the remembrance of that dreadful night, forever.


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 Angel is trying to live her life now that she is safe. But she finds out that her ex left something behind and she needs to learn how to deal with this new information even as she finds out more about his past. Be there for her friends and really get to know the love of her life!

I LOVED it! I cannot say enough good things about this series! Destined to love definitely had it's ups and downs but it was a great ending to this amazing series. I will be reading more from this author for sure as she is now on my top author list! I definitely recommend reading this book but you have to start with book 1!


A New Beginning : Book One The Starting Over Trilogy 



 'I was provided a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review'
Angel left an abusive relationship and is starting life over. She's finally continuing her schooling. Has a job that she enjoys and some great friends. These new friends of hers are on a mission to set her up. She does not feel that she is ready for that but agrees to meet him. She definitely did not expect Mason or her feelings for him. Mason seems to be the best thing that could have happened to her and feelings develop quickly. But when it seems like her ex may have found her she decides that she finally has to come clean about her past and see where things go.
Masons last relationship ended badly and he is not sure that he is ready to try again. He grudgingly agrees to go on this blind date not expecting to see the beauty that he had seen the night before.  Now he wants nothing more then to be with her. No one seems to know her story from before, and she does not seem willing to open up to him about it yet. When she finally does he is livid. All he wants to do is protect her. It soon becomes obvious that she is in danger he will do everything that he can to make sure that she is safe.
If I could give this book more then 5 stars I would. This is the first book that I have read from this author and she has quickly become a favorite.  I could not put this book down! There is something beautiful about the relationship between Angel and Mason. Vincent, Donovan and Mason are seriously the perfect men. It had a great story line and well written. And I just have to say that I am just a little bit in love with Mason! I definitely recommend reading.

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Saving Angel : Book two of The Starting Over Trilogy
Destined To Love - Amazon  A New Beginning - B&N

Angel is severely injured and in the hospital after she got hit by a truck in a hit and run. She knows that it was her ex that he found her and is trying to kill her. When he pays her a visit in the hospital he and Mason get into a fight but he gets away. They guys feel it's not safe for her there and Mason insists that she stay at his house. When she realizes that she cannot hide from her ex she knows that she has to make a very difficult decision. Her feelings for Mason have deepened and she will do anything to keep him safe even if she hurts him as well as herself in the process.
All Mason wants to do is love and protect Angel. She makes this hard when she risks herself to try and keep him safe. When they are apart and her ex gets to her and hurts her he is upset but is there for her no matter what. Will Angel be able to get past what was done to her and move on with Mason?

I can't say enough about this book. Book 1 was amazing and I couldn't put it down and this one is no different. It was such an emotional book! It definitely had it's ups and downs. I didn't agree with some of Angel's decisions but understood her reasoning. there were definitely parts that made me cry. With the exception of the crazy ex I absolutely adore all of the male characters in this series. This was such a great book and a wonderful series. I definitely recommend reading.


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